Jamaica Imperio Fires Back To Bashers Of Her Controversial “Selfie Muna” Post

Jamaica Imperio fires back to her basher after she was criticized for posting controversial version of the trending “Selfie Muna” photo.

The name Jamaica Imperio went viral on Facebook recently because of a controversial post which many thought inappropriate for a woman to do.

It can be recalled that Jamaica, a dancer at RBreezy, as it was written on her profile information, posted her own version of “selfie muna” trend.

Jamaica Imperio
(file photo)

She captioned her photo with “Selfie muna bago magpalit ng pasador” and it can be seen that she even showed her underwear with an evident blood stain.

Many netizens, especially her fellow women criticized what she did and behind it all, she responded with “Respeto naman guys”, based on a previous article.

After that controversial post, Jamaica posted a mocking reply for all the negative comments about her previous post.

She posted a photo as her profile picture while she was holding a pack of disposable napkin of a popular brand.


(screen grab from @hypa.imperio FB Page)

With that post, many of her Facebook followers expressed support to her and said that she should disregard all the negative comments about her.

On the other hand, there were still a lot of netizens who slammed her post and said that she was just doing anything to get more attention even if it is inappropriate.

Following that change of profile picture, the controversial young lady also wrote on her status.

She said, “Bakit galit na galit kayo saken?”

(screen grab from @hypa.imperio FB Page)

Again, several netizens slammed this post from Jamaica Imperio. Many frankly said what the reasons why people got angry with her.

But then again, her supporters were ready to defend her.

Here are some comments from netizens on her post.

(screen grab from @hypa.imperio FB Page)


(screen grab from @hypa.imperio FB Page)

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