Jerry Gracio Questions Jed Madela, Martin Nievera Singing for Duterte

Jerry Gracio Questions Jed Madela, Martin Nievera Singing at PRRD Event

Veteran screenwriter Jerry Gracio questioned Filipino singers Jed Madela and Martin Nievera for singing at the thanksgiving event of outgoing president Rodrigo Duterte.

A writer and nominee for the “Kapamilya ng Manggagawang Pilipino” party list took a swipe against Jed Madela and Martin Nievera. The “Salamat, PRRD” Thanksgiving celebration featured the two Filipino singers on June 26 at Quirino Grandstand in Luneta, Manila.

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Gracio claimed that he was unable to tolerate the fact that these Kapamilya singers performed for the former president, which is thought to be what caused the franchise to be withheld from their employer, ABS-CBN. Duterte reportedly acknowledged using his executive authority in Congress to obstruct the franchise application for the new Kapamilya Network.

“Pakitanong kay Martin Nievera, Jed Madela, atbp. kung bakit sila nagpapasalamat kay Duterte—dahil ipinasara ni Duterte ang network na pinagtrabahuan nila? Dahil nawalan ng trabaho ang mga kapwa nila manggagawa sa ABS-CBN? Pakitanong please,” according to the ABS-CBN writer’s social media post.

Gracio once more discussed this on June 30. What else they do to Digong doesn’t matter to him, he declared. He wonders why people are still hesitant to work there if the former president really did name the network a “kawatan.”

“Para malinaw at last na ito: wala akong paki kung kantahan ninyo si Duterte. Kahit sayawan n’yo pa, mag-twerk kayo. Pero sabi ni Duterte, ‘kawatan’ ang ABS-CBN. So, paano naaatim ni Martin Nievera at Jed Madela na magtrabaho sa isang kompanya na ‘kawatan’?” he said.

The two singers haven’t yet reacted, responded, or spoken anything about it. In this regard, Jed revealed that a critic had nicknamed him “t*nga” and “b*bo” as a result of the music selection he had performed at the occasion.

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