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Jillian Robredo Shouted By a Vendor Amid “Palengke Run” in Baguio

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Igorot Vendor Shouted at Jillian Robredo, Kakampinks Amid Palengke Run in Baguio

JILLIAN ROBREDO – The daughter of Vice President Leni Robredo was scolded by an Igorot vendor during their “palengke run” in Baguio City.

A video of Jillian and the volunteers for Leni’s face-to-face campaign went popular on Facebook, eliciting a various of emotions from the online community. Jillian and her colleagues can be seen in the video strolling throughout the market, attempting to persuade people to vote for Leni Robredo for President.

Jillian Robredo Baguio

A vendor, though, can be heard shouting. The agitated resident can be heard screaming in the group, and the words “Huwag mo akong sungit-sungitan nang ganyan” can be heard. Dito ka lang kadayuhan. Igorot, Igorot, Igorot! ”

Jillian became a Twitter trend when the video went viral on various social media sites. The account of the claimed real reason of the tension in Bongbong Marcos Jr.’s well-known orbit, which is also swiftly emerging, is also rapidly unfolding.

One of the aforementioned complaints is that a local resident was enraged by Robredo’s younger son’s alleged remark. A more than five-minute clip of the spliced video appeared a few hours after it was broadcast, showing minutes before the event of the presumably irate resident.

Before the locals’ emotions were too intense, Jillian was spotted shaking hands and taking pictures with some of the buyers and sellers at the market. The identical scene can be seen for a few more minutes until someone begs not to obstruct the market’s progress.

Then came the unexpected tense moment. Several volunteers who were present with Jillian supported her and described the viral video’s facts.

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