Large Fire Erupts At Hydroelectric Dam In India (VIDEO)

Large Fire Erupts At Indian Hydroelectric Dam

HYDROELECTRIC DAM FIRE – Amid the crises happening in 2020, a large fire erupts at a hydroelectric dam in India.

It seems like the tragic events in 2020 refuses to slow down. In just this month alone, there had been blasts, fires, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and all of that are on top of the coronavirus pandemic.

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According to an article from ABC NEWS, the massive fire was at a government-run hydroelectric plant in southern India. Sadly, 9 workers were killed during the horrific incident.

Large Fire Erupts At Hydroelectric Dam In India (VIDEO)
Image from: Reddit

As the fire broke out, the nine workers were trapped inside the plant. Afterward, according to Telangana state Power Minister Jagdish Reddy, rescuers retrieved the bodies of all nine workers who were trapped in the plant.

Here is the full video:

As per the article, 30 workers were inside of the plant as the flames erupted. Fifteen left via a tunnel while the six others were saved by rescue teams. Meanwhile, the cause of the fire was still under investigation.

Moreover, a local TV channel said the fire caused a massive explosion in one of the generating units of the plant. This caused the smoke from the fire to cover the entirety of the six units which halted rescue operations.

Along with this, the flame was so big that several fire engines took hours to extinguish the blaze.

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