Marauder’s Map Face Mask Harry Potter Fans Are Going To Love!

Marauder’s Map Face Mask Leaves Harry Potter Fans In Awe!

MISCHIEF MANAGED – Amid the coronavirus pandemic, several unique and stylistic face masks have surfaced, but none were as magical as this Marauder’s Map Face Mask.

However, instead of being up to no good, this magical mask is actually a necessity, especially during the pandemic. With millions of lives being affected across the globe, it’s important for us to follow basic health protocols such as wearing masks.

Marauder's Map Face Mask Harry Potter Fans Are Going To Love!
Image from: Reddit/u/sass_and_potatoes

The mask was created by Reddit user u/sass_and_potatoes. Sadly, the amazing invention isn’t sold for commercial purposes just yet. Here is the video of incredible mask:

Luckily, the user put the instructions on how to make your own Marauder’s Map mask in the comment section of the thread.

I got some black to clear thermochromic pigment and mixed it with a clear fabric paint extender in a ratio of 1:2, and then used a hair tinting brush to apply it to the fabric. Once it was completely dry I heat sealed it by ironing the un-painted side of the fabric on max heat for ~45 seconds all over, then sewed it together 🙂

Furthermore, the base used was quilting cotton with the map pattern already printed on it, and then thermochromic pigment mixed with clear fabric paint.

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