[VIDEO] Man Hilariously Pours Red Horse On His Nebulizer Instead of Salbutamol

Here’s a video of how he replaced Salbutamol with Red Horse on his nebulizer.

A man from Iloilo was hilariously poured Red Horse on his nebulizer instead of salbutamol. His video already has thousands of shares and went viral.

Man hilariously
Screenshot from JP Peñol’s video on his Facebook post

In a Facebook video that was posted by JP Peñol, the man in the said video was hilariously wondering what would happen if he pours Red Horse instead of Salbutamol in his apparatus.

According to NHS, Salbutamol was used in order to relieve your symptoms of having asthma or COPD such as coughing, wheezing and feeling breathless.

In his video, he was desired to explore something different as he wanted to know what it smells like when he used Red Horse. As a result, he smelled something that was unusual for him.

He captioned his post with, “Nahapo ka pero walwal is life.

If you were not able to see this viral video, you can watch it here. This video was in Ilonggo Dialect, and you can read the translation below this video.


Translate: “Ano kaya ang mangyayari kung … instead of Salbutamol na ilalagay ko sa nebulizer, paano kaya kung Red Horse?” “Okay guys, lalagyan ko na ng Red Horse.” “Konti lang. Sige lagyan mo pa nang konti. Okay, thank you!” “Ngayon ay paaandarin ko na ang nebulizer. Wow!

“Eto guys, nalalanghap ko na talaga ngayon ang Red Horse! Grabe!” “Yung feeling na may hika ka, pero walwal is life!”

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