LOOK: Mother Who Put Child On Tricycle Sidecar’s Roof While Riding Criticized By Netizens

A mother received criticisms from netizens because of her “irresponsible act” of putting her child on the roof of a tricycle sidecar while they were riding

A video posted by netizen ‘Kerbz Alvarez’ on his Facebook account showing that a mother placed her child on the roof of a tricycle sidecar while they were riding went viral.

The said video gathered various reactions from netizens who have seen it.

It was said that because of being a bad example on parenting, the video was shared and criticisms towards the mother were expressed on the social media, based on the recent article published in Trending News Portal.

It was a raw shot of the netizen during their travel in San Juan Batangas.

Mother Who Put Child On Tricycle Sidecar's Roof While Riding Criticized
(screen shot from Kerbz Alvarez’s FB account)

Alvarez shared the video with the caption:

Ito pong video na ito ay kuha sa san juan batangas, kinuhanan namin ng video yung mag ina na kitang kita pinag lalaroan yung kanyang anak at tuwang tuwa pa siya na hindi niya alam ang pede mangyari sa bata, sa konting pag kaka mali ay pede mahulog ung bata sa tricycle, wag tularan, tsk

In the video, the mother was initially trying to make her child sit on the roof; however, most of the time she barely had a strong and secure grip.

Netizens reacted with dismay regarding the act of the mother in being careless about the safety of her child.

There are those who are pointing out that a complaint must be filed against her for doing that and not thinking the consequence of her act, based on the article, while there are netizens who felt pity for the welfare of the child.

There are some netizens who due to their anger expressed fiery words against the act of irresponsible parenting while there is one who even said that her permit to be a parent must be cancelled.

As of the writing, the said video has already reached 500 thousand views, 4.4 thousand reactions, and more than 7 thousand netizens shared it.


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