Look: Netizen Misinterpreted On Social Media After Posting About Davao City Incident


Netizen Misinterpreted On Social Media After Posting About The Davao City Incident

Netizen misinterpreted – A netizen seemed to be misinterpreted on a post regarding the incident that happened last September 2, 2016, in Davao City that caused the lives of 14 people and left others injured.

On the post, the netizen mentioned and quoted the phrases being commented by some Filipinos, wherein it seemed the people have been criticizing Davao City why these kinds of things happened as the city was considered among the safest cities in the world.

Here are the comments quoted by the author of the post.

netizen misinterpreted on social media

“Buti nga sa Davao” (Good for Davao)

“Akala ko safest City in the world, bat may bomba?” (I thought it’s the safest city in the world, why is that there is a b0mb?)

“Alam niya na pala na may threat, bat hindi pinaigting ang security?” (He already knew that there is a threat, why is that the security was not tightened?)

“Happy New Year Davao”

“Funny how Davao named the safest yet cannot avoid situation like this”

There are people who have reacted and said negative comments on the post but, it appears that these people have interpreted the quotations to be owned by the author.

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