Heart-Warming: Baby Daisy Smith Can’t See But Finds Joy Swimming With Mom

Baby Daisy Smith Loves Swimming With Mom Even Having Unique Condition

Baby Daisy Smith, 13-months-old, is really an example of how miracles and love have been placed on Earth.

In the news about a rare birth condition called Anophthalmia, three babies were born without eyes. According to Inquisitr, the babies were from Arizona, Illinois, U.S. and in Cwmbran, South Wales. It is said that this condition happens to a baby out of 10,000 births in the United Kingdom. Baby Daisy was one of them.

Danielle Davis, 24, and Andrew Smith, 31 are the parents of Baby Daisy. During the ultrasound to Danielle at her 21 weeks gestation, it showed that Baby Daisy Smith has a cyst on her brain. Because of this, the doctors advised her to ‘hault’ the pregnancy but, Danielle refused.

So the family expected the baby to have a unique condition when she comes out.

But, as the time went by, the couple has discovered that Baby Daisy Smith really loves being in the water.

“We found out that Daisy loves the water – it’s her favorite thing and it really makes her laugh. I can’t wait to see her face every week when we go to the pool. It just lights up in a big smile,” Danielle shared.

Danielle also wanted her daughter to enjoy the feeling of the water since she is a good swimmer. She also expressed how she felt nervous about bringing Baby Daisy in the pool water for the first time and expecting her baby to scream. But, smiles have been seen coming from Baby Daisy’s face.

The baby also puts her head under water for a few moments and comes back smiling.

Now, with what happened to them, Danielle and his husband wanted to raise awareness about this rare condition.

“I hope that by raising awareness other parents to be won’t experience the same shock that we did if their child has the condition as they will know it exists,” Danielle said.

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Sources: South Wales Argus, Mirror, Inquisitr

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