Passenger Narrates Heartbreaking Incident When Grab Driver Catches His Cheating Wife

This is a heartbreaking story when a Grab driver caught his wife cheating on him.

A passenger narrated on Twitter the heartbreaking incident he witnessed when a Grab driver caught his wife cheating on him.

Netizen Jobim Javier’s live tweet soon went viral as he shared the sad story of a heartbroken man.

Grab driver
(Photo source: ABS-CBN) *Note: not the actual driver

According to Javier, the Grab driver’s phone rang and since it was connected to the Bluetooth speaker, he also heard the voice at the other line.

Manong driver answered with few hellos with the initial thought that his voice could not reach the other side.

On the other hand, the driver and the passenger realized that the call was not really meant to happen.

Apparently, the driver’s number was just accidentally dialed by his wife.

It was also obvious that the wife was not talking to him but instead cavorting with someone else.

The poor Manong driver just hung up but the tension was unbearable.

Then the wife called back and the driver seemed to be nonchalant of the passenger’s presence.

He screamed to his wife as he asked where she is that time.

As a defense, the cheating wife said that she was buying milk for their child.

The poor Grab driver insisted that he heard what she said that was not intended for him.

Again, the woman said her excuse. She said she was buying diapers.

However, when interrogated about the “daddy ko”, the cheating wife said it was his father.

It seems that the Grab driver has already discovered beforehand that his wife was cheating on him.

His next statement made his wife wife beg that he should come home and that they will talk about it.

In the midst of his wife pleas, Manong driver hung up.

After that, he turned to his passenger who witnessed the heartbreaking incident.

Javier saluted the driver with five stars, whether it was because of his service or for his act of being martyr, one one knows.

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