Joseph Morong Shares Heartbreaking Story of a Lolo and a Boy

Joseph Morong was Touched by the Story of a Lolo Feeding a Boy GMA journalist Joseph Morong shared a heartbreaking story a lolo (elderly man) feeding a little boy in the street. Joseph Morong used Facebook to describe a situation that he saw firsthand in an unnamed location, rather than breaking news. A picture of … Read more

Viral Excuse Letter Of Nueva Ecija Student Pushed Netizens To Extend Help

The viral excuse letter from a student in Nueva Ecija pushed many netizens to do an act of kindness. A student from Nueva Ecija went viral just recently because of the excuse letter she gave to her teacher. Bongabon National High School teacher Christian Jay Ordoña shared on his Facebook acount the said note from his … Read more

Dedicated Teacher & Students Having Class During High Tide Lauded By Netizens

Photos of a dedicated teacher and her students having class during high tide captured the hearts of several netizens. A dedicated teacher and her students captured the hearts of many netizens for still having their class during the high tide. Netizens were touched how the educator and the young learners showed the importance they give … Read more

WATCH: This Viral Video Has 2M Views & 2K Shares, See It For Yourself

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Janine Berdin’s Reaction After She Was Called As “Bagong Kampeon” Goes Viral

Janine Berdin’s reaction during the first time when her name was called as the “bagong kampeon” in ‘Tawag Ng Tanghalan’ goes viral. ‘Tawag Ng Tanghalan’ 2018 champion Janine Berdin stormed the ‘It’s Showtime’ stage with her unique voice. She captivated the hearts of the viewers of the Kapamilya singing contest even from the first time … Read more

Passenger Narrates Heartbreaking Incident When Grab Driver Catches His Cheating Wife

This is a heartbreaking story when a Grab driver caught his wife cheating on him. A passenger narrated on Twitter the heartbreaking incident he witnessed when a Grab driver caught his wife cheating on him. Netizen Jobim Javier’s live tweet soon went viral as he shared the sad story of a heartbroken man. According to … Read more

“Paranormal Activity” Caught On Video Awakened Netizens’ Curiosity

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Unique 100 Peso Bill Found By Netizen Goes Viral Due To This Reason

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Richard Gomez-Lucy Torres’ Story Of How They Met Goes Viral

A netizen posted the story of how Lucy Torres and Richard Gomez met each other and it went viral. Lucy Torres posted a photo of her 18-year old person on Instagram a few days ago. That particular post from the wife of Richard Gomez made netizen Reyna Lyn Legaspi Maylas curious of how their love … Read more