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Pinay OFW’s Departure Received Heartfelt Reactions From Family She Served For 33 Years

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Pinay OFW received heart-warming reaction from the family she served for three decades as she bid goodbye to them

The video of a Pinay OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker) who was about to leave the family she has served for 33 years went viral on social media.

A netizen in the person of Emz Villarao SingingYaya captured the heart of her fellow Facebook users as she shared videos of a Filipina in an airport saying goodbye to her employers.

Pinay OFW
(photo credit: Emz Villarao SingingYaya FB account)

The old woman was sitting in a wheelchair while members of the family she served for more that three decades one by one bidding their farewell for the person who had took care of them for a long time.

According to the caption of the netizen who posted it, from the couple who employed her to their children and to their grandchildren, the Pinay OFW served the family.

The uploader of the video, who is also a Filipina working overseas, also said as well that she is proud of her ‘kababayans’ working all over the world.

The said heart-warming video already reached more than 340 thousand views, 1.6 thousand reactions and about 7 thousand shares, as of the writing.

Upon seeing the video of the reaction of the family members who were obviously saddened by the departure of the Pinay OFW, netizens also felt the same emotion.

Facebook user ‘Mirayna Mohammed’ said that she can’t hinder herself to cry when she saw the video while Facebook user ‘Bailyn Utto Pasagi’ said that it is really a tear-jerker sight.

Furthermore, Facebook user ‘Vanixlyn Selapin’ said that what she saw was a very touching scenario while Facebook user ‘Akisa Acop’ said that she can relate to what she saw because it is the same thing she experiences from her employers.

Based on the post, there are other netizens who just expressed their emotions with icons and stickers intended for crying and there are those also who commented that perhaps the employers of the said Pinay OFW treated her very well.


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