Catholic Lay Minister Allegedly Refused To Give Homeless Man Communion

A homeless man allegedly rejected by a Catholic lay minister to take ‘ostya’ in a church in Malabon

A netizen in the person of Gani Triste recently shared on his Facebook account about the unfortunate story of a homeless man.

Triste posted a photo of the said poor guy who was just sitting at the side of a church and it is almost the outside part of a church in Malabon.

homeless man rejected to have communion
(photo credit: Gani Triste)

According to the caption of the netizen, the homeless man was patiently waiting for his turn to received what the Catholics refer as ‘ostya’ or holy communion.

The unfortunate thing that happened to the poor guy was when it was his turn to receive it, Triste said that a Catholic lay minister refused to give an ‘ostya’ to him.

The netizen who posted it tried to address the incident by approaching an usher regarding the matter but he was just told that the homeless man was not noticed.

On the other hand, Triste did not believe that excuse because he said that it is impossible that the poor guy could not be noticed for the reason that he fell in line along with the Catholic mass attendees.

Meanwhile, based on the post of the netizen, they went to the Catholic priest on that church to relay to him what he saw.

The reply of the said priest to him was, “Sabihin mo wag sya magtatampo, next time dalawa ibibigay ko sa kanya”.

In line of what he witnessed, the netizen called out the attention of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP).

The post of Gani Triste about the homeless man already reached more than 23 thousand reactions and more than 13 thousand shares, as of the writing.

Other netizens who saw this reacted with sympathy to the poor guy for not receiving the communion due to his status in life which according to the comments is a simple manifestation of not being fair.

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