Son of Bongbong Marcos Allegedly Fakes Ukulele Play at UniTeam Rally

Son of Bongbong Marcos Accused of Faking Talent and Ukulele Play

The online community has criticized the son of Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr for allegedly faking his ukulele play at his father’s rally.

A video showing the son of presidential aspirant and former senator Marcos Jr. was shared on Facebook by the page ‘Memes ng galit sa korap ang gobyerno, mamamatay tao, at sarili.’ The video went viral on social media almost quickly, and it was widely lambasted by users.

Bongbong Marcos Son Ukulele

According to the video, Bongbong’s kid, William Vincent, shows off his talent by playing the ukelele at his father’s campaign rally. William performs a cover of Jason Mraz’s hit song “I’m Yours” with a female singer.

However, Bongbong Marcos Jr’s detractors are purposefully scathing and ready to attack. According to the netizens, video footage reveals Marcoses are cheating even on one of their children.

The strumming of William, according to internet users, does not match the tune. As a result, some netizens were not sold William’s ‘talent’ because it was reportedly fake.

William Vincent Marcos, also known as Vinny Marcos, is Bongbong’s youngest son out of his three sons. Despite his dislike of the spotlight, the 24-year-old software developer, who has no social media presence, joins his father on campaign motorcades, which serve as a chance for the family to bond and see more of the Philippines after attending boarding school in the United Kingdom and working in Singapore.

Vinny claimed he signs autographs for his elder brother, Sandro, who is running for congress in their native region of Ilocos Norte, during the campaign. According to their mother, Liza Araneta-Marcos, the Marcos boys grew raised in Ilocos Norte, near the ocean, until they were taken to boarding school.

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