Teacher Gave Birth to 3 Children in the Same Month and Day

Teacher Can’t Believed That Her 3 Children Given Birth in the Same Month and Day

A teacher went viral on social media after she shared that she gave birth to her three (3) children in the same month and day.

Pamn Cabaero, a Laguna teacher, posted on Facebook that she couldn’t believe all three of her children were born on the same month and day. In a social media post, she expressed her revelation that all of her babies were born on January 27.

“Hindi ko inasahan pero ipinagkaloob! Every 3 years dumadating sila at saktong January 27 pa ipinapanganak. Yung matres ko ayun lang yata ang kilalang date eh…” she shared.

Teacher Children Same Birth

She even uploaded images of her children’s birth certificates, proving that they were born in the same month and days. She also mentioned that they have a three-year age difference.

She didn’t forget to praise the Lord for blessing her with children born on the same month and day, as this is a very rare event. Cabeero revealed that they were having children with her husband on each anniversary of their marriage and love.

Cabaero’s extraordinary story has gone popular on social media, eliciting a variety of opinions from the online community. Some internet users were astounded by the news, claiming that Cabaero would save a lot of money by celebrating her children’s birthdays.

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