Viral Video: Outsider Scolds Student in Classroom

School Bullying Incident

A video capturing the moment an outsider barged into a classroom and scolded a student in front of their peers and teacher has gained viral attention. The incident, which occurred without clear provocation, depicts a woman angrily confronting a student while unaware that she was being secretly filmed by the student’s classmates. Notably, the teacher … Read more

Teacher on TikTok Drew Flak for Filming Beautiful Morena Student

Netizens Call Out Teacher for Posting Beautiful Morena Student on TikTok Raging netizens called out a Tiktoker teacher for allegedly filming and posting his beautiful morena student on TikTok. Nowadays, many people are becoming content creators on various social media sites. Among them are teachers. The number of school teachers who are turning into social … Read more

Teacher Gave Birth to 3 Children in the Same Month and Day

Teacher Can’t Believed That Her 3 Children Given Birth in the Same Month and Day A teacher went viral on social media after she shared that she gave birth to her three (3) children in the same month and day. Pamn Cabaero, a Laguna teacher, posted on Facebook that she couldn’t believe all three of … Read more

Generous Teacher Treats Students with Jollibee Meals Earns Praise

Generous Teacher Goes Viral After Treating Students with Jollibee Meals The online community praises a generous teacher after he treated his students will meals from the famous fast-food chain Jollibee. Some people, especially kids, have what can be called an all-time favorite restaurant—Jollibee. Most children in the Philippines enjoy eating items from the Jollibee menu. … Read more

Teacher Posing as NPA Rebel to Extort Money in Manila Schools Arrested

Teacher Posing as NPA Rebel Arrested Over Threat to Manila Schools for Extortion Police authorities arrested a teacher who is allegedly posing as member of National People’s Army (NPA) to extort money from schools in Metro Manila. A teacher allegedly pretended to be a member of a terrorist group in order to extort money from … Read more

Teachers Board Exam Results September 2018 LIST OF PASSERS

Here is the Teachers Board Exam Results September 2018 list of passers (Updated December 7) – This is the Teachers Board Exam Results September 2018 list of passers as released by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC). The exam results including the list of passers, top 10 examinees, top performing schools and other announcements related to this … Read more

Teacher’s Viral Revelation Of Alleged Corruption In PRC License Renewal

A teacher posted his revelation of the alleged corruption happening in PRC for the license renewal through his FB account and the said post went viral A professional teacher voiced out his grievances through a lengthy Facebook post revealing the alleged corruption that is happening in Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) for the renewal of license. … Read more