Teacher’s Viral Revelation Of Alleged Corruption In PRC License Renewal

A teacher posted his revelation of the alleged corruption happening in PRC for the license renewal through his FB account and the said post went viral

A professional teacher voiced out his grievances through a lengthy Facebook post revealing the alleged corruption that is happening in Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) for the renewal of license.

Hernando Bernal wrote an open letter on February 2 to express what he had been through in processing his professional license.

PRC license renewal
(The Summit Express)

It was stated in a report recently published in The Summit Express that all professional are required to take additional formal and non-formal training. This is stated in Republic Act 10912 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Act of 2016.

Before the license of educators to be renewed, they must comply with the CPD Law which requires them to have at least 45 credit units, started on December 1, 2017 per Resolution No. 11 s.2017 of the Board for Professional Teachers.

Based on the post of Bernal, there were some points he wanted to iterate which according to him were a form for inconvenience for a teacher like him.

He also called out to his fellow professionals to boycott the PRC license renewal until the justice he was asking will be served.

Here is the post of the teacher who claimed that there is corruption in PRC license renewal.

1. I must provide a certified true copy of my TOR and Diploma (I have the original PhD TOR). WHY? I am not a new board passer, I was previously licensed, my license is still valid, therefore they should use the information that they already have on record rather than ask me to submit it again. This is a TOTAL WASTE of time, paper, and resources in a country where resources are LIMITED.
2. I MUST PAY 500 pesos yes you heard it correctly 500 PHILIPPINE PESOS. For what? I have already invested hundreds of thousands of pesos to finish my PhD and now they want me to fork out 500 pesos more? WTF
3. It also need to be certified and stamped by notary public (another method of money making and corruption in our system – what’s the point of having something notarized when you don’t even need to be present in front of the notary?) and it will cost another 500 pesos
4. The requirements for directed CPD units are very unreasonable. How will I be able to manage to get the list of attendees in the seminar? What other country in the world asks for this and why does the list of attendees even matter? Other attendees have a right to privacy. I’m the one applying for PRC renewal, not them. Who are the bureaucrats or think of these requirements? Are they enroll in a contest to see who can think of the most requirements? Do they want me to roam around like a teacher and check attendance? What if they invoke their rights to privacy how can I now get the attendance list as a requirement for approving CPD units?
5. I need to wait 60 days to know if my application for approval is approved or not. What happened to the direct order of the President Rodrigo Roa Duterte that all government transactions should be processed within 72 hours? (Duterte ginagago mo ba kami? bat di sumusunod ang PRC sayo? asan ang bayag mo na pagbabago?). Hello, 8888? IS ANYONE HOME?

And guess what PRC offers to those who need CPD units quickly … you guessed it: attend seminars that are accredited by the PRC (and this is where corruption is amplified).

1. Each “accredited” (read: corrupt) seminar costs P4,500+++ and what for? 1-2 CPD units when in fact we need 35 units or more? This is a waste of money and time. Based on this calculation, it will cost me more than P80,000 to renew my license. I am a teacher. Do you remember that? I am not a business man or a celebrity. As a teacher I live a frugal life and I don’t have the means or ways to spend more than P80,000 to renew a piece of plastic.

2. I am a DOCTOR who has published 3 INTERNATIONAL works of research in the past six months. How can I be sure that those who will facilitate the seminar are better than me? For all you know, I should be the one teaching the seminar. With all due respect, PhD holders in the Philippines aren’t good enough for me. Most especially those who are already old. My philosophy is that these people are already obsolete and what they will lecture to me are things of the past. I am for innovation and technology in education. I have high standards and expectation for PhDs.

Based on the report, since the name of Presidential Communications Operations Office Assistant Secretary Mocha Uson was tagged on the post, she said that she will bring the issue to the President.

On the other hand, Senator Antonio Trillanes IV, the chairman of the Committee on Civil Service, Government Reorganization and Professional Regulation, said that he will have the law implementation to be reviewed.

As of the writing, the said post of Bernal has already received more than 78 thousand reactions and it has been shared more than 66 thousand times.

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