Viral Post Warns Against Consuming Muncher Green Peas Due to Controversial Ingredients

A post from a Facebook page called “Certified Pharmacy Technician” has gone viral after it raised concerns about consuming Muncher Green Peas, claiming that it contains ingredients that may lead to cancer. According to the post, while the person was eating these peas, they noticed a piece of paper attached to it. Upon reading it, they discovered a warning about the presence of FD&C Yellow #5, which can potentially cause cancer. Such ingredients are reportedly banned and prohibited in the US, Australia, Norway, and other countries. The individual mentioned that they purchased this product from, an online grocery store based in California, USA, serving popular brands in the Philippines. The owner of this Facebook page is also believed to be based in California based on their address.


Muncher Green Peas is a product of WL Food Products, a leading food manufacturer in the Philippines. WL Food Products is known for producing various items, including Corn Bits, Boy Bawang Tattoos, and many others. It is owned by Mr. William Lim, who is also a major sponsor of a former television game show.

WL products

WL Food Products is one of the major sponsors of a former television game show, which is why it is even more well-known in the Philippines. We Filipinos have a fondness for eating junk foods which we often enjoy, especially while watching TV. It’s a common snack offered to guests and eaten during conversations. Children are particularly fond of it, especially since it comes in small packaging that fits into their school allowances, especially in the primary grades.

W.L Warning

There have been many warnings about consuming junk foods due to their high MSG (monosodium glutamate) content. According to experts, this can be a cause of kidney problems, and it may also contribute to the high incidence of kidney failure, which is one of the leading health issues in the Philippines today. Some schools have even banned the sale of junk foods in their canteens. However, in reality, there are also many Chinese foods being sold that sometimes don’t have readable labels, and we are not sure if they have been approved by the BFAD (Bureau of Food and Drugs). Nevertheless, they manage to enter the country and are sold in the Philippines.

As of now, WL Foods has not issued a statement since the post went viral, which has garnered over 35,000 shares and is still counting.

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