Moira Dela Torre Shares Photo Of Fun & Naughty Bridal Shower


See photos of fun and naughty bridal shower of Moira Dela Torre.

MOIRA DELA TORRE – Here are some of the photos taken during bridal shower of Moira Dela Torre before taking off as wife of Jason Marvin.

OPM singer Moira Dela Torre and boyfriend Jason Marvin shocked everyone with their engagement on the mere video of hit song “Tagpuan”. People shed tears as to how it was so heartfelt and genuine witnessing a love like theirs.

The surprise marriage proposal to Moira is the surprise at the end of the music video and as of this posting, it has already gathered more than 13 million views. It was her life story at that video put together beautifully and shared in millions of eyes and touched millions of hearts.

Watch it below:

And now, she is just counting days before her big day to happen. Thus, before setting off to become Jason’s wife, her closest friends made something for her, a traditional bridal shower for the bride.

In her Instagram post, Moira wrote, “My angels. Thank you best friends!!!! For giving me the craziest send-off, for the s3x & marriage lessons and most importantly, for being with me thru the breaking and the breakthroughs. I know my future children are gonna have the best ninangs. So grateful for your friendship. Thank youuuu!”

Moira Dela Torre
Photo grabbed on IG

Read some comments below:

Congratulations ate Moira! Nakakaexcite masilayan ang wedding updates mo dito sa ig hehe. I love youuuu!

Yay can’t wait congrats ate moira more blessing and good health comes to your own family 

Omg moi. A few years ago it was just chessie’s bridal shower. Now yours! 

Bilib ako sa inyong dalawa. Naiiyak ako pag napapanood ko kayo together ni kuya [Jason Marvin] lalo na nung sa ASAP NATIN ‘TO and TWBA

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