Toni Gonzaga Words Of Wisdom In Latest Vlog Touches Numerous Hearts


You might need to hear Toni Gonzaga words of wisdom now!

TONI GONZAGA WORDS – Watch the latest vlog of Toni Gonzaga where she shared inspiring words just in time for the Lenten Season which touched numerous hearts.

No matter what occasion is or whatever you may be feeling, faith in God must remain intact and constant. It should not be shaky, more so, fade away. And with a very powerful and inspiring content from the latest video of the famous Kapamilya actress Toni Gonzaga, many hearts were touched and so much realizations have been brought up.

This is for the people who doubt themselves, who are insecure, and would always tend to forget their selves because of what they have been hearing from the people around them. This is for all those who doubted their selves and forgot their value as a person. To those who forgot their worth and to those who are always mindful as to what other people might say.

It is also for those who have these deepest thoughts inside their minds which they cannot speak. This is for everyone to remember Him. Who have loved and will forever love each of us equally despite all the bends and scratches that we have.

He is just there. He will always be there. He never left.

Watch the video below:

And here are some of the reactions of her viewers about her eye-opening thoughts:

John Paul Angeles:
Words are powerful, it can uplift. Thank you Tin for this. Worth listening.

Jeje Mon:
This is the real “influencer”. I stan a woman like you, Toni! More inspiring vlogs to come. We love youuu!

Debbie Anne Alicante:
Thank you Ate Toni for bringing my faith back to Jesus! God bless your beautiful soul Ate Tin!

Rochelle Teneza:
When you noticed that this video ends at 3:16 and this reminds me of God’s word in the Bible which is God’s greatest love to mankind.. John 3:16. Thanks for sharing this Toni. God bless you more and more!

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