MATHEMATICS to Students: Determining Types of Person During Class


Mathematics could be as easy as 1, 2, 3; but how could it be hard to others? Let’s find out what type of person you can be.

Mathematics is one of many subjects taught to students in schools. It teaches you about numbers, sequences, solutions, and solving problems. Some may find it easy, yet some may find it difficult.

Math to Students
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In a classroom setting, a Mathematics teacher may start his lessons to his students. As teachers, you must identify the personality of each student that is present in your class. Here are some types of person you can handle.


This person can easily understand the lesson well and sometimes he (or she) can top the class. He (or she) is also represented in every Mathematics Quiz Bees in school.


This person may be similar to Wizard, yet he (or she) prefers to stay silent. He (or she) wants to know the root explanations on how to get the correct answer.

‘Hugot’ King or Queen”

This person prefers to insert his (her) ‘hugot’ entry rather than answering questions that were assigned to him (or her). For example, “Bakit kailangan pang hanapin ang value X kung wala rin akong value sa kanya?”


This person may always afraid of numbers or has numerophobia (an irrational fear of numbers). Just help him (or her) out.


This person may prefer irrational guesses and invent formulas rather than doing the actual thing. This needs attention in order for him (or her) to catch up with their lessons.


This person prefers to hate the subject matter. According to Maths Doctor, “our negative attitude towards maths is influenced and consistently reinforced by others, passed down via friends, family or teachers inherently throughout years of our education.

When you see one, just deal with it!

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