Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Alex Gonzaga & Mommy Pinty Shares Their New Year’s Resolution

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Here are the New Year’s resolution of Alex Gonzaga and Mommy Pinty.

ALEX GONZAGA – The Kapamilya actress and host Alex Gonzaga shares her New Year’s resolution in a video with mother Mommy Pinty.

The Kapamilya actress and host Alex Gonzaga is definitely not just a great artist but also an excellent vlogger. She has generated more than 2 million subscribers on YouTube already. And among the famous personalities whom she often time features on her vlogs is her mother famous for being called as Mommy Pinty.

Netizens have always loved Mommy Pinty’s angry reactions and sarcastic responses to her daughter. In general even, the people have started to love the Gonzaga family, especially Severiano Eliot or baby Seve, Toni Gonzaga‘s son with husband director Paul Soriano.

And now, a new year has come and among the usual things people do as they welcome the New Year aside from celebrations and eating is also formulating their “new year’s resolution”.

Mommy Pinty listed down her resolution for this year and the Kapamilya actress also did. With the clear fun bond between the mother and daughter and how Alex would characterize her resolutions, the netizens got entertained.

In a new vlog from actress and vlogger Alex Gonzaga, she shared that this year, she will:

  • She will try to sleep earlier.
  • To help and be kind to other people.
  • She will share her food.
  • She will be generous.
  • From now on, she will exercise her rights.
  • She will be loving.

Watch new vlog of Alex that made netizens laugh their heads off below:


Meanwhile, here are some of the comments from the post:

Hahahaha dami ko tawa grabe tong Tandem nato love love

Laughtrip akala ko tuluyan ng napikon c mommy Pinty eh

My new year’s resolution would be… I’ll be always updated sa mga vlogs mo catherine!!

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