Violent Player John Amores Face Indefinite Suspension – NCAA

NCAA Puts JRU’s John Amores on Indefinite Suspension Following Incident

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) has put the Jose Rizal University (JRU) player John Amores on indefinite suspension following the raging incident.

The violent event during the JRU vs. College of St. Benilde Blazers game has led the NCAA to decide to permanently ban John Amores, a basketball player for the JRU Heavy Bombers, from competing in the tournament. Amores allegedly struck a few members of the rival team.

John Amores Indefinite Suspension

The viral films make it clear that Amores punched Pasturan in the eye while Davis took a blow to the jaw and briefly lost consciousness. Amores was hauled out of the game right away, and the marshals kept him away from the other players.

To see whether there was any more cause for concern or how Amores’ attack might have affected them, Pasturan and Davis of the CSB were taken right away to the hospital and put through a physical examination. Davis recalled in the interview that he merely intended to give Amores a hug before the kicking took place.

He claimed he was only acting to defend his colleagues and that, to be completely honest, he had no idea what was happening. This Wednesday, November 9, following the meeting and discussion, the NCAA leadership publicly released a statement.

“Violence has no place in the NCAA. The ManCom condemns, and will not tolerate, any acts of violence that will endanger our athletes, participants, officials, supporters, and the public,” said the NCAA Management Committee.

Based on the report, Amores engaged in a number of infractions, including disrespecting the ManCom representative and court officials, pointing a finger at the referee, storming toward the CSB bench and starting a fight, making provocative gestures that prompted a fight, and punching four CSB players.

The NCAA also expelled William Sy and Ryan Arenal from JRU for their disrespectful actions, as well as Mark Sangco and Chris Flores from CSB for their involvement in a fistfight and brawl. Along with the NCAA, the administration of JRU, the university that Amores attends, also issued a formal statement.

Because of this, the university has decided to suspend Mr. John Anthony Walker Amores without pay. This implies that he won’t take part in any of the Heavy Bombers’ remaining NCAA Season 98 basketball games or practices, according to them.

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