Ellen Adarna Refuses To Apologize To Eleila Santos Amid Legal Battle

Amid legal battle, Ellen Adarna reportedly refused to say sorry to Eleila Santos, the teenager who she called “paparazzi”.

Controversial sexy actress Ellen Adarna, reportedly refused to apologize to Eleila Santos, the teenager who she accused as “paparazzo”.

It can be recalled that Ellen rant on social media as she allegedly spotted Eleila doing paparazzi moves to her in a restaurant.

After that, it was said that the 17-year-old girl had a trauma because of the hate comments she received from netizens.

Ellen Adarna , Eleila Santos
(Photo source: LionhearTV)

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Myra Santos, the mother of Eleila demanded a public apology and since it did not happen, they resort to legal battle.

Ellen received child abuse and cybercrime complaints from the camp of the teenager.

Amid this legal battle, it was said that the controversial actress still refuses to say sorry to Eleila Santos, based on the article published in PEP.

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As a mother, Myra is saddened by the fact that there is no sign of remorse on the part of Ellen.

On July 16, she submitted a reply to the counter-affidavit that Ellen’s attorney filed last July 9.

The mother of Eleila stressed out that the girlfriend of John Lloyd Cruz hasn’t apologized yet. Ellen did not released any statement about what happened during the said incident.

Eleila Santos
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“We filed our Reply today. July 23 is the last hearing for the cases we filed. We are hoping that soon our quest for justice will be realized,” Myra said.

On the other hand, she did not say anything regarding the content of Ellen’s counter-affidavit, based on the article.

Reportedly, Eleila Santos underwent a therapy after she was involved in a controversy with Ellen Adarna.

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