Ellen Adarna’s Public Apology Demanded By Mother Of Teen Tagged As “Paparazzo”

Mother of Eleila, the 17-year-old girl who was tagged as “paparazzo”, demands a public apology from controversial actress Ellen Adarna.

Controversial actress Ellen Adarna is being demanded by the mother of Eleila, the teenager who she tagged as “paparazzo” on her Instagram story, to have a public apology.

It can be recalled that Ellen ranted about the alleged “paparazzi moves” that the teenager was doing to her while they were in a restaurant.

(CNN Philippines)

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This allegation was already cleared out by Eleila on her Twitter account. She explained that she did not do what was accused of her.

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For Myra Abo Santos, the mother of Eleila, Ellen should apologize to her daughter for accusing her as a “paparazzo”.

Myra said on her lengthy Facebook post that their family is reaching out to the actress because they are hurt about what happened.

The concern mother narrated on her post that her daughter immediately sent a private message to Ellen explaining that she was taking a video of what they were eating that time and she thought that everything will be fine after that.

However, Myra said that despite her daughter had already explained, the actress chose to post series of videos attacking Eleila.

“You have claimed my daughter is guilty, rude, and has been repeatedly insinuating my daughter is lying. You even said that you can handle bashers and hope my child could, too,” the mother of the 17-year-old said.

Public Apology being demanded from Ellen Adarna
(form Ellen Adarna’s IG story)

Myra said that they have been seeking legal assistance regarding the said issue and they are advised to seek public apology from the controversial actress.

“As advised by our lawyer, we are now writing this letter. As her family, we ask you to publicly apologize to Eleila,” she wrote.

If Ellen will not respond to this letter from the mother of Eleila, they will resort to “appropriate legal action”.

“My lawyer indicates that you will have five days to reply to this letter. Should you fail or refuse to do so, we will not hesitate to take the appropriate legal actions necessary under the circumstances, to protect and uphold the best interest and welfare of our 17 year old, Eleila A. Santos,” Myra A. Santos said.


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