Anne Curtis Looked Like Vice Ganda’s “Alalay” During Miss Q&A Portion?


Anne Curtis looked liked the “alalay” of Vice Ganda during the Miss Q & A portion in ‘It’s Showtime’, according to a columnist.

‘Buy Bust’ actress Anne Curtis was included in the production number of Vice Ganda for Miss Q & A opening.

Anne Curtis
(Photo source: @annecurtissmith IG)

‘It’s Showtime’ is opening its doors once again to talented and witty members of the gay community .

During the production number, which highlighted the comedian, it can be noticed that a big sum of money was spent.

Vice Ganda
(Photo source: @praybeytbenjamine IG)

It was well-rehearsed and everything was prepared. Dozens of gays where also featured during the said production number.

Upon seeing how big the production number was, Abante entertainment columnist Ambet Nabus wrote in his article that it was never seen before in the noontime show.

The live feed from the US even added to the grandeur of the said production number. Miss Q & A is now open for those in America.

According to the columnist, Vice owned the entire portion of the show. It is because the Hashtags and the Girl Trendz who always draw shrieks of excitement from the audience where not there.

In addition, Nabus said that Anne Curtis looked like an “alalay” of the host-comedian during the segment.

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The article also mentioned that other hosts of the show had to wait for the entire portion to finish before they can finally have their exposure.

Miss Q & A lasted for almost an hour during that episode.

With this, Nabus said in his article that Vice Ganda is really the “biggest star” in ‘It’s Showtime’.

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The Miss Q & A portion in ‘It’s Showtime’ has became a trending topic on social media. Juliana Parizcova Segovia was the first ever winner of the contest.


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