Tony Labrusca Issue: “Umagaw Ng Trabaho ng Pinoy Artists” – Columnist

“Umagaw ng trabaho ng Pinoy artists”, a columnist said about Tony Labrusca issue.

Amid the Tony Labrusca issue concerning the actor’s conflict in the immigration, a columnist said that Tony Labrusca took away the work that is supposed to be for legit Filipino artists.

The Glorious actor caught in the midst of controversy when he came back to the Philippines after having his vacation abroad.

He tweeted that the Philippine immigration just gave him 30-day stay in the country.

Tony Labrusca issue
Photo source: Bandera

Apparently, the 23-year-old actor only had a tourist visa and not a working visa.

A netizen reacted that the actor exhibited “rude” attitude towards the immigration officers.

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With this, Department of Foreign Affairs Secretary Teddy Locsin Jr., reportedly stated that Tony should be deported of what he did.

Tony Labrusca
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Amid this controversy with Tony Labrusca issue, columnist Ed de Leon of Pang-Masa stated in his article that the actor “umagaw ng trabaho ng Pinoy artists”. 

De Leon cited on his article the saying, “ignorance of the law excuses no one”.

He stressed out that the actor should have had the initiative to know about the law in the Philippines.

For the columnist, the fact that a person is a celebrity or he is famous and well-loved by many fans does not give an excuse not to be aware of the law.

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He also said that somehow what happened in the Tony Labrusca issue in immigration brought a positive thing.

It is now known to many that the young actor is here in the country with just a tourist visa and not a working visa.

Wala palang working permit iyan, bakit pa natin pinapayagang umagaw pa ng trabaho sa mga artistang lehitimong Pilipino?” de Leon pointed out.

However, in his article, he commended that no one from the Kapamilya network tried to defend the Tony Labrusca.

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