Willie Revillame ‘Wowowin’: This Happened Before The Jan. 22 Accident

What happened before the accident in ‘Wowowin’ of Willie Revillame?

Before the accident that took place on January 22, 2019, at the studio of Wowowin, this happened during the show’s taping of Willie Revillame.

Willie Revillame
Photo source: The Philippine Star

Two of the audience members fell from a platform while dancing along with the show’s theme song.

One got injured while the other one passed away. However, before that accident occurred, something worth to be celebrated happened.

That day was the same shooting day for the January 29 episode of Wowowin. It was for the birthday celebration of Willie Revillame who was born on January 27, 1961.

Photo source: YouTube

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On that day, since it was for Willie’s birthday, the host gave gifts as a show of appreciation to all the supporters of his top-rated Kapuso game show instead of receiving.

He gave 4 motorcycles, 25 television sets and the grand prize was a house and lot sponsored by Manny Villar’s real estate company.

Evangeline Mesa from Arayat, Pampanga was the grand prize winner. At first, she did not know what was the prize. Willie called out her name first before he told everyone that she will get a house and lot.

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That was indeed a great way to celebrate the birthday of the game show host.

Unfortunately, after the first episode of the taping, an accident occurred on the second one.

Willie Revillame was no longer seen during the said second episode of taping because he went to the hospital to personally look after the victims of the accident, based on PEP’s report.

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