Willie Revillame Game Show Accident Recalled Following Recent Incident

Accidents that have happened in Willie Revillame game show recalled.

WILLIE REVILLAME GAME SHOW – The stampede from 2006 in “Wowowee” hosted by Willie Revillame was remembered following recent death incident of an audience.

Just recently, reports about the death of a live studio audience watching Willie Revillame‘s game show “Wowowin” in GMA network have hit the news headlines.

Willie Revillame Game Show

Unfortunately, according to the witness, one was fractured while one was announced dead after losing balance which caused their fall and for the victim to hit her head in the fire extinguisher which eventually caused her untimely death.

In a joint statement from GMA network and WBR Entertainment, it has stated, “They were immediately attended to by the in-house paramedic of WBR Entertainment and rushed to nearby Delgado Hospital. WBR Entertainment and GMA Network deeply commiserate with, and extended immediate assistance to, the families and loved ones of the victims.”

Willie Revillame Game Show

With this devastating and unexpected incident, the PhilSports Stadium stampede way back 2006 has been recalled and remembered. It was the anniversary celebration of game show “Wowowee”, Revillame’s show in ABS-CBN before.

According to PhilStar’s report, there were 73 deaths announced and 359 were injured. Based on the article, 30,000 people made their way to the show’s venue to have a chance to win cash prizes for the anniversary celebration.

Willie Revillame Game Show

As much as anyone is probably aware of, Willie Revillame game show offers so much to those who are in need, most especially, the host himself who have always been generous enough the people without asking something from the people in return.

Recalling, the male host wanted to go on with the show but the network giant ABS-CBN insisted to postpone the variety show. The TV station helped and supported those who got affected and wounded. Moreover, there were some people who also claimed that threats were heard which caused the stampede and took many lives.

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