Catriona Gray Homecoming: Something Went Wrong To P3 Million Float


What went wrong to P3 million float of Catriona Gray?

Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray will have her homecoming to the Philippines this February but something went wrong to her P3 million float.

catriona gray
Photo source: @catrionauniverse

Catriona’s homecoming could be one of the most awaited event this month. She brought such pride to the country when she won the fourth Miss Universe crown for the Philippines.

Indeed, she deserves the most prestigious beauty title for all the preparation she did before the pageant in Thailand. This is aside from the fact that she did amazing during the pre-pageant and coronation night.

In line with this, Binibining Pilipinas Charities Inc. (BPCI) is having an intense preparation for the homecoming of Catriona Gray.

Based on the report from Abante, the supposed float that Catriona will use for the parade in Manila, Quezon City, and Pasay is worth P3 million.

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However, President and head of Ar­tists Concept Events Sty­ling Rico Robles Ancheta, who also designed the float, said that something went wrong in the deal.

Ancheta shared the deal between BPCI and the sponsors did not push through because of some issues they did not agree with. Following this, another deal was made but it was no longer possible for the designer to finish the float on the allotted time.

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Based on the article, the supposed P3 million float of Catriona Gray had a design inspired by all the elements that she showed during the pageant.

Though Ancheta felt a little disappointment for the canceled deal, he still hopes that Catriona will look good on her float for her homecoming.

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