Billy, Coleen’s Stylist Reveals Story Behind Their Outfits For Ethiopian Photoshoot

The stylist of Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia in their Ethiopian photoshoot reveals the story behind their controversial outfits.

The photoshoot of celebrity couple Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia in Ethiopia went viral for two main reasons.

Initially, the couple was criticized for using the native of that country as a background in one of their photos which according to some reflects the idea of racism and insensitivity.

As days went by, many netizens have noticed the prints of the outfits being worn by the Kapamilya stars.

Photoshoot of Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia

Their outfits in the said Ethiopian photoshoot were associated by netizens to other items with the same print, based on a previous report.

Behind all the talks about the controversial pictorial, Billy took the matter lightly and even posted some of the comparison on his Instagram account.

Many also said that the stylist of the celebrity couple may have not did what was the best for them and some said that their budget was minimized.

With regards to this, Billy and Coleen’s stylist speaks up regarding the story behind their outfits, based on the article recently published in Pilipino Star Ngayon.

Stylist Adrianne Concepcion explained that the theme of the couple’s photoshoot was all about “bold prints, textures and rich colors.”

Photoshoot of Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia

In order to achieve that goal, she collaborated with other Filipino designers, however they had one problem – they could not find African prints native to Ethiopia.

Designer Ryan Uson was the one who designed Billy’s suit while Coleen’s gown was made by John Rufo.

It turned out that the fabric used by Uson was purchased from a very famous fabric shop, thus the explanation why so many people own items with the same print.

Concepcion said that there is nothing wrong if the outfits of the couple had similar prints with other items because she said most designers and fabric enthusiasts use same fabric in different occasions.

“I hope people see the good and even the humor of it,” the stylist said, based on the article.

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