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Ethel Booba Reveals How She Prefers Her “Mocha”

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A netizen asked comedienne Ethel Booba, “How do you love your Mocha?”, she replied to this with a witty answer

Comedienne Ethel Booba, who is also known for her witty posts on Twitter, has something to say about the most-talked about word war between Kris Aquino and Mocha Uson.

She is also one of those personalities whose attention was caught by the said conflict.

There are already several celebrities and political personalities who expressed their sides regarding the issue.

Ethel Booba
(Photo source: Twitter)

If some had been vocal which side they are choosing, Ethel tweeted a reminder instead, based on the article published in Inquirer.

Though she did not mention any name, anyone could easily point out that she was referring about the feud between Kris and Mocha.

Based on the report, the word “cyst” that she used could be referred to the PCOO Asec. Ethel also used the phrase, “Love, love, love” which is known to be one of Kris famous lines.

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That specific tweet of the comedienne called out the attention of many netizens.

One netizen asked her, “How do you love your Mocha?”

Ethel answered, “I always add sugar and creamer, but never ad hominem. Charot!”

The term “ad hominem” is Latin for “to the man” or “to the person”. It is a fallacious argumentative strategy wherein a person is attacking the character or personal traits of the opponent rather than answering the argument.

With what she answered, netizens lauded her. Here are some of the comments from netizens.

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Based on the article, there is no need for a sky-high IQ or a philosophy degree to be familiar with this style of logical fallacies.


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