Gretchen’s Subject Of Laughter In Controversial Video Reacts To Her Apology

The netizen who was the subject of laughter of Gretchen Barretto along with her friends in a controversial video reacted to her apology.

Gretchen Barretto had already apologized to the netizen who became the subject of her laughter along with friends Mimi Que and Patty Pineda in a controversial Instagram post.

It was mentioned in a previous article that the actress/socialite received bashing for what people perceived about the said video wherein they were relating the requests from Instagram user @jmula_ej.

Netizens slammed them for they allegedly made a joke out of someone’s misfortune.

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Amid all the criticisms, La Greta has already said her apology to the said netizen.

With regards to the apology of the socialite for what was seen in the video, @jmula_ej reacted to this.

Based on a recent post of Gretchen on the photo sharing social media platform, the said netizen sent a message to her regarding the issue.

Gretchen Barretto
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@jmula_ej said that La Greta does not need to say sorry. The netizen also apologized that she had to say sorry because of what happened.

According to the IG user, the video wherein Gretchen and her friends were laughing about her requests was no big deal for her.

Here is the message of the said netizen.

(screen shot from @gretchenbarretto IG)

The said controversial video was posted on Gretchen’s IG account last June 6.

Apparently, it has became so controversial that she needed to delete it and disable the comment option on her posts.

Based on a previous article, it is a question why La Greta did that on her IG account.

There is also a possibility that she might have disable the comment options because of another controversy.

Reportedly, there were netizens who called out her attention to visit her ailing father, Mike Barretto, who was hospitalized just recently.

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