John Lloyd Cruz-Ellen Adarna Breakup Rumors Circulated Due To This

How true is it that John Lloyd Cruz and Ellen Adarna broke up already due to this?

Breakup rumors involving controversial couple Ellen Adarna and John Lloyd Cruz circulated on social media just recently because of this reason.

The former Home Sweetie Home co-stars lied low from show business when they started to reveal the real score between them.

Though they stayed away from the limelight, which no one knows until when, but still fans kept on talking about them.

Through photos uploaded on social media, their fans can able to see glimpse of their more private life now as a couple.

On the other hand, a recent photo sparked speculation that John Lloyd Cruz and Ellen Adarna already broke up.

John Lloyd Cruz Ellen Adarna rumored breakup
Photo source: PEP

Based on the report from Abante, the recent family photo of Ellen showed the obvious absence of John Lloyd.

Because of this, netizens, reportedly, speculated that they are not a couple anymore.

What ignited the rumors was the fact the sexy actress did not say anything why her boyfriend was not there.

Based on the report, here are some possible reasons why John Lloyd Cruz was absent during the Adarna family photo shoot.

John Lloyd Cruz Ellen Adarna rumored breakup
Photo source: PEP

One reason could be he is in Manila to spend the holiday season with his family. Another reason is that he thought it was better for him not to interfere with the Adarna family photo because they are not yet married.

It is also possible that JLC has prior engagements to attend to or simply because the actor is not fond of events like that.

Meanwhile, no one knows who is among the kids in the photo is the child of John Lloyd Cruz and Ellen Adarna.

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