Kobe Paras Reacts To Rumors That Benjie Paras, Jackie Forster Control His Life

Benjie Paras and Jackie Forster are controlling the life of Kobe Paras?

Basketball player Kobe Paras cleared out the rumors saying that his parents Benjie Paras and Jackie Forster are controlling his life.

On his Instagram story which was posted on June 26, Kobe slammed the “fake new” against his parents.

He stressed out that Benjie and Jackie do not influence him when it comes to his decision about his life and career.

Kobe Paras, Benjie Paras, Jackie Forster
(Photo source: PEP)

Based on the article published in PEP, the 20-year-old cager pointed out that he is the one who is in control of his life.

“I control my life. Not my mom. Not my dad. I do. Everything I do is my decision & my choice. I don’t want to hear anymore fake news that my dad/mom chooses, controls, tells me what to do or say. Because this is my life and I live in a circle of consequences that I made,” Kobe Paras stated.

It can be recalled that it was just this year when Kobe and his brother reunited with their mother Jackie Forster.

(Photo source: PEP)

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Many felt happy with that reunion and how Jackie was able to be with her sons once again.

Based on the article, it has been almost a decade since the former actress spent time with Kobe and Andre.

Now that they are reunited, they are taking advantage of every possible moment to bond with each other.

One example of their bonding time was when they watched the latest concert of Bruno Mars in Manila.

Jackie was evidently a proud mom to be with her son as she shared a photo with Kobe Paras on her Instagram account.

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