Duterte’s Controversial Statement About “God” Received Reaction From JIL Church Founder Eddie Villanueva

JIL church founder Eddie Villanueva expressed his reaction regarding the controversial statement of President Rodrigo Duterte about “God”.

The controversial statement of President Rodrigo Duterte about “God” also received reaction from “Jesus Is Lord” church founder Eddie Villanueva.

It can be recalled that the Chief Executive of the Philippines went through another controversy due to his fiery statement.

People from different walks of life have expressed their point of views regarding what he said about faith and religious practices of the Catholic church.

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Based on the article published in ABS-CBN, Villanueva said that Duterte’s statement was inviting the wrath of the entity he blasphemed.

According to the JIL leader, insulting “God” is the highest form of blasphemy.

“To insult God, to us is a kind of blaspheme in the highest order. The Bible is clear, when you slander God, you are inviting curses not only to yourself but to the entire nation, like calamities,” he stated.

Eddie Villanueva added that no one can mock “God” and those who are mocking and persecuting His people will receive His wrath.

The JIL leader is also a member of the Philippines for Jesus Movement which is a coalition of Bible-believing and nation-loving church groups in the country.

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According to Villanueva, their coalition has more or less 10 million members all over the Philippines and they sent a letter to the President last June 25.

In the said letter, members of the coalition are asking Duterte to issue a public apology to “God”, based on the report.

If the Chief Executive will ignore their plea, Villanueva said that they will conduct a huge prayer rally.

“Once he ignores the collective wisdom of the body of Christ, this may lead to a kind of huge prayer rally that will design first to intercede and to…so-called spiritual warfare. And worst I hope it will not lead to the imprecatory prayers,” Eddie Villanueva stated.

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  1. OUR President is what he is since his election campaign days. AND HE WON THE PRESIDENCY. He is always riding high in popular rating while himself familiarly enmeshed in a controversial statement and pronouncement among other. His unbridled tongue is known to everyone that put him into office and he earned the worship in their eyes. Now another controversy that hit a chord that sent a shiver to the spine to most religious hypocrites but he remained firm and true to his conviction, no matter what. I am NOT against him nor in FAVOR of him–I have NONE. But I could not help to chuckle at the sideline at the scene of the circus of the unenlightened mind. Professed proponents for God’s cause, particularly the pillars, the shepherds of the flock of the congregation that he offended so much, cannot come out with an EXPLANATION about the Biblical narrative in the book of Genesis, which the President cannot reconcile to his street-smart intelligence in order to enlighten their errant member flock that they entrusted to the highest office in the land. They are not feeding the sheep with nutrient, they only howl from the seat of their comfort. What is more hilarious is that they cannot wait for their God, the ultimate object of the purported blasphemous pronouncement, the supposedly most offended, to bring down fire from heaven on the offensive president. Because of their eyeless mind, they cannot see the meaning of THY WILL be done. They want their arbitrary will to be done. The purported problem IS strictly between President DUTERTE and GOD alone.


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