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Chavit Singson, Manny Pacquiao Reconcile After Months of Feud

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Chavit Singson, Manny Pacquiao Ended and Reunited Again

Former presidential candidate Manny Pacquiao reunited against with his friend former Narvacan Mayor Chavit Singson.

After a few months, Manny Pacquiao, a former senator, and Chavit Singson, a former mayor of Narvacan, reconnected. Rep. Richelle Singson of the Ako Ilocano Ako party list shared the touching reunion between Pacquiao and Singson.

Chavit Singson Manny Pacquiao

The pictures clearly show that Pacquiao was with his wife Jinkee. The two can be seen in a video still hugging after their months-long argument.

Additionally, Singson displayed to Pacquiao his armored car, which was also employed in the campaign. Then Rochelle added a poignant caption to her Instagram post.

“Because Friendship is stronger than Politics,” she said.

Their friendship had a rupture during the most recent election because Singson opposed Pacquiao, who was then seeking the presidency. Singson thinks that Pacquiao is not yet prepared to serve as president.

Singson opted to back President Bongbong Marcos, an Ilocano, instead. Pacquiao was advised by Singson to first study politics. He reiterated that while he does not support Pacquiao in politics, he does in boxing.

As a result of Pacquiao’s lengthy history of fighting, Singson also questioned his health. He claimed that boxers’ brains are extremely concussed, thus he hoped his brain wouldn’t sustain any damage while boxing.

“Nasasayangan lang ako kasi, magastos na tao. ‘Yung naiwan na pera niya (Manny Pacquiao), mauubos ‘yun pagtakbo niyang presidente. Kawawa ang pamilya niya.”  he added.

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