Filipino Dish Kare-Kare Included in the ‘Best Stew’ in the World

Kare-Kare is Now One of the ‘Best Stew’ in the World

KARE-KARE – The Filipino dish is now one of the ‘best stew’ in the world after being included in the “100 best-rated stew” of Taste Atlas.

Kare-kare is a Filipino dish that comes with anchovies and a delectable peanut sauce. Kare-kare moved up from position 53 to number 52 in the list of the “100 best-rated stews” on the Taste Atlas website.

Kare-Kare Best Stew
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It received a score of 4.3 out of 5 stars from Taste Atlas users. Top of the list were the dishes from Japan (Kare), India (Keema), Thailand (Phanaeng Curry), Iran (Ghormeh Sabzi), and Istanbul (Hünkar Begendi).

The website lists tortang talong, lumpiang shanghai, sinigang, inasal na manok, and daing na bangus as some of the top Filipino meals. The top five dishes in the nation are pancit, lechon, sisig, adobo, and kare-kare, according to the rankings.

TasteAtlas has awarded the cuisine of the Philippines numerous prizes. Along with Indonesia’s bubur ayam, Lumpiang Shanghai and tortang talong received the highest ratings for cuisine in Southeast Asia last month.

Among the 100 entries this month, sinigang na baboy comes in at number 7 as the best soup dish of 2022. The native sour soup received a score of 4.7 out of 5, beating out the Japanese Miso (4.6), Shoyu (4.6), and Shio Ramen as well as the Peruvian Inchicapi (4.7). (4.6).

The top half of the list also included Filipino classics Tinolang Manok (4.5) and Bulalo (4.5), which were ranked 19th and 23rd, respectively. According to their audiences, Balut is the worst egg dish, while Tortang Talong was named the best egg dish in the world.

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