DJ Mo Twister on Alex Gonzaga Cake Issue: “Stupid narcissist”

DJ Mo Twister Shares a Frank Reaction Towards the Viral Cake Issue of Alex Gonzaga

MO TWISTER – The popular DJ shared a frank reaction to the controversial birthday video of actress and internet celebrity Alex Gonzaga.

After a video from her birthday party went viral, the YouTuber and actress received backlash on social media. According to the footage, Alex can be seen blowing out the candles on her birthday cake with some of her friends and her husband Mikee Morada.

Mo Twister Alex Gonzaga

Alex, on the other hand, was spotted putting frosting from her birthday cake on the brow of a man who appeared to be a server. What she did created a stir on social media and sparked outrage among the online community.

Because of her alleged “rudeness,” the actress-vlogger got backlash. Following this incident, various pejorative labels were linked with her. She was labeled “walang class,” “bastos,” and “masama ang ugali,” and some said her actions were disrespectful to the employee who was simply doing his job.

DJ Mo Twister then took to Twitter to respond to Alex’s viral video. The popular DJ branded the actress and well-known vlogger “drunk,” “stupid,” and “narcissistic.”

“Come on guys. She was drunk. …and stupid. Drunk and stupid. And a narcissist. Drunk and stupid and a narcissist,” he said in his post.

Although the DJ only posted the tweet a few hours ago, it has already received several retweets, comments, and likes. The post has already generated over 5,000 reactions as of this publication.

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