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Joel Lamangan to Release Film Countering MIM in September

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Joel Lamangan to Release Film in September Countering MIM

Veteran director Joel Lamangan will possibly release his own film on September to counter the Maid In Malacañang of Darryl Yap.

The acclaimed director has provided additional information in his movie, where he is said to contest to the “panlilinlang” of Maid in Malacañang. In an interview with him by Christian Esguerra, Lamangan noted that while the plot of the aforementioned film will center on an ordinary family, it can be compared to the final 72 hours of the Marcoses’ rule.

” Parang the last 72 hours din pero sa punto de vista ng isang ordinaryong pamilya bago umalis ang mga Marcos,” said Lamangan.

Joel Lamangan Film

Lamangan acknowledged that he has not seen Maid in Malacaang since he has been preoccupied with work. For the young people to understand what poverty was like during the martial law era, he believes it is crucial that he corrects the false information that the aforementioned video is spreading.

“Kapag puro kasinungalingan ng kasinungalingan ang sabihin ay baka maniwala na sila na ito ang totoo. Kawawa naman ng bayan natin, nabubuhay tayo sa kasinungalingan,” said Lamangan.

He stated that he will make an effort to time the premiere of his movie to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the imposition of martial law in this year’s September. Although he can’t yet reveal their names, he has already spoken to the actors and actresses who will appear in their film.

The performers that will appear in Lamangan’s movie are reportedly ‘well-established’ or ‘renowned. Lamangan, whom Yap considered an idol, has not yet responded to his criticisms of him.

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