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Cable Cars Proposed by Robin Padilla as Way to Alleviate Traffic Congestion

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Robin Padilla Considers Using Cable Cars to Ease Traffic

CABLE CARS – Neophyte Senator Robin Padilla suggested using cable vehicles to ease traffic congestion, particularly in Metro Manila.

Sen. Robin Padilla proposes these measures to use cable cars as he believes it will improve and strengthen the country’s mass public transportation, it will also contribute to the development of the country as transportation will be fast and convenient.

According to Inquirer.Net, in a plenary session on Tuesday, Padilla made a statement to use cable cars, after Senator JV Ejercito ask the government to improve the railway system in the country.

According to the senator, the cable car concept, railways, and train system are appropriate for Filipinos, based on the Philippines’ geography, especially in Metro Manila where traffic is most congested. 

Sen. Robinhood Padilla, during the plenary session in this photo taken on August 3, 2022. Domingo/Senate PRIB

According to report, Sen. Padilla praised and agreed with Sen. Ejercito’s proposal to improve public transportation for Filipinos by strengthening the nation’s railway infrastructure, and he wanted to support the steps performed by his colleague.

According to Padilla, the nation’s traffic issues are a direct outcome of its inadequate development.

Padilla also made the point that underdeveloped nations have a weak transportation system. His suggestion to have cable cars is just an option since he don’t have a concrete plan about it.

“Ngayon lang po, gusto ko lamang pong imungkahi sa ating mahal na senador [Ejercito] sa San Juan, meron pong isang nauuso din ngayon na kung tawagin po nila ngayon ay ropeway. Ito po ‘yung paggamit ng cable,” Padilla said.

[Translation: There is this rising trend that they call the ropeway which uses cables. This would be perfect for the Philippines, especially in Metro Manila because of the traffic. These are the cable cars.]

Cable Cars
Photo taken from Klook

However, Padilla’s comments about employing cable cars to solve Metro Manila’s traffic issues were merely a retort to Senator Ejercito’s speech; he provided no additional information regarding as of the moment about his plans for the use of cable cars.

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