Netizens to Boycott ‘Maid in Malacañang’ Film of Director Darryl Yap

‘Maid in Malacañang’ Film of Director Darryl Yap Planned to be Boycott by Netizens

Netizens allegedly planned to boycott the film of VinCentiments and controversial director Darryl Yap the ‘Maid in Malacañang’.

On Twitter, some online users share their thoughts on the upcoming Darryl Yap movie, “Maid in Malacanang.” The Marcos family’s story is told in the movie just before they were sacked as a result of the People Power Revolution.

Boycott Darryl Yap Film

Some Twitter users, particularly “Kakampinks” or Leni Robredo fans, warned others not to view the aforementioned movie in their remarks. The Maid in Malacanang will only alter history, thus they asked that the movie not be announced again.

“#Kakampink will never waste money meaning Boycott Maid in Malacanang. No one watching this movie. Only patay sa gutom na Hakot bayaran na bbm supporters pero syempre babayaran ni bbm sila. How much movie cost per head 350 na or more than 300 per head,” said @angelicrose72.

“I think media outlets should stop posting about maid in malacañang like besteas stop giving them the platform when its so obvious that the film seeks to distort history and to clear their names,” said @akrvitor.

It will be remembered that Sen. Imee Marcos claimed that Maid in Malacaang will not alter the course of history. They claimed that their only goal was to share their hitherto unknown narrative with the public.

“We’re simply explaining in this film, to some degree, kung ano yung mga pangyayari nung huling tatlong araw. At palagay ko, may karapatan naman ang Pilipino, ang sambayanan na malaman kung anong nangyayari sa loob ng palasyo nung mga panahon na yun.”sabi ng senadora.

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