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Sharon Cuneta Once Closed to Dutertes But Dismayed by This Statement

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Sharon Cuneta Admits Being Closed to Dutertes But Got Disappointed

SHARON CUNETA – The Megastar admitted that she was once closed to the Dutertes, the President, and his daughter Sara but got disappointed by this statement.

Sharon confirmed as much in her remarks at the Leni-Kiko sortie in Sta. Rosa, Laguna, said they have known President Rodrigo Duterte for quite some time. She even considers Tatay Digong as her father.

Sharon Cuneta Closed Dutertes

Sara Duterte, the vice presidential candidate and mayor of Davao City, is also a ‘Sharonian,’ she noted. Sara was introduced to her when she was nine years old, and she has been a Sharonian ever since.

“I met Sara when she was nine years old. Ever since she was nine years old, she has been a Sharonian. And Sara has been like my sister… I will treasure those precious moments with him,” Sharon said.

He claimed that in politics, there is no such thing as a lasting friend or foe. However, the president apparently made a twisted statement that he will never forget.

“But when Tatay (PRRD)… once I saw on Youtube … he said who is this stupid God? Para akong binuhusan ng kumukulong tubig at de-yelong tubig nang sabay. Kasi kapag Diyos na ang kinalaban mo, sino pa ang Diyos mo?” the Megastar said.

“Sara is my friend. She was like my sister. I hope after elections… no permanent friends, no permanent enemies, I hope we can still be friends,” Shawie added.

Meanwhile, the Megastar recalls watching cartoons when former President Ferdinand Marcos Sr., the father of presidential candidate and former senator Bongbong Marcos, Jr, instituted martial law in the Philippines.

Shawie is said to be acquainted with the Marcos family, but they are not particularly close. Bongbong Marcos, he claims, is his closest relative among the Marcos siblings. However, the public should vote for the Leni-Kiko team now.

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