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Toni Gonzaga 2nd Vlog About Her Daddy Bonoy Touches Thousands Of Hearts

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Toni Gonzaga 2nd vlog trends again.

TONI GONZAGA 2ND VLOG – The second vlog of Toni Gonzaga about his father, Daddy Bonoy, trends and touched numerous hearts again.

Previously, it has been reported that Toni Gonzaga’s first video blog has touched millions of hearts about “Why it pays to wait” for something that are meant to happen at the right time and how the video emphasized that obedience to parents is always important.

As people can see, the famous Gonzaga sisters are raised well by their parents Mommy Pinty and Daddy Bonoy and a lot of people are now looking up to their family. They were not that kind of really serious and brooding but they are just the right mixture of everything from being brooding to having fun.

And now that Toni has her own family now and her relationship with her parents transitioned beautifully, she shared something on her second vlog featuring her Daddy Bonoy and his words of wisdom as a great father.

In the video, Toni and Daddy Bonoy talked about everything that she could not ask her father before from being a disciplinarian and really strict to them and all the restrictions they have had before during their younger years.

As to how her father answers every questions, anyone could probably not help it but get impressed to them. Everything was according to God’s words and only proved that once people started to follow God, nothing can really go wrong with God.

“I’m so happy that we’ve reached this level of relationship na para ng barkada. I can talk to him about anything. Kasi dati, lagi akong takot sa kanya dahil disciplinarian siya. Pero I realized, that the pain of discipline is better than the pain of regret. The man who I thought who broke my heart before was actually the one who saved my heart from being broken so many times.”

Watch the video blog of Toni below:

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