Vice Ganda, Cherie Gil Issue Resurface Following Actress’ Death

Issue of Vice Ganda, Cherie Gil Resurface Following Actress’ Death

The previous issue of comedian Vice Ganda and late veteran actress Cherie Gil resurface online following the actress’ death.

With Cherie Gil’s death, internet users thought back on both her contributions to Filipino cinema and the difficulties she faced in her career. One of the most notable incidents is when Cherie criticized comedian Vice Ganda for remarks he made at his 2013 “I-Vice mo ako sa Araneta” concert.

Vice Ganda Cherie Gil

It may be recalled that Vice faced criticism for making fun of celebrities at his concert, including Jessica Soho. Cherie couldn’t help but show shock at what the comic had just stated.

“To Vice Ganda: you are one of those scum of the earth. Shame on the Filipinos who laugh at such insensitivity and tactlessness,” said the actress.

The resolution of the argument between the two parties was revealed by ABS-CBN on the noontime program It’s Showtime. The comedian received praise from the actress for his candor and for allowing her to learn more about him through a song.

“Thank you, Vice Ganda, so much for letting me get to know you today in the deepest most real sense, in your most honest being and for letting me get to know you as a person through that song. You touch my heart,” said the actress.

Vice, who was visibly upset, stated that the celebrated actress didn’t have to apologize because it was only his opinion. Cherie lost her battle with cancer on August 5 after a protracted illness.

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