Willie Revillame To Take Short Break, Wowowin Program Affected.

Wowowin and Host to take a short break.

Taking a short break. Following the order of the Court Appeals to arrest TV host Willie Revillame for child abuse, GMA network has released a statement on Saturday that the daily game show Wowowin will take a short break this May.

According to the GMA Vice President for Corporate Communications Angela Javier-Cruz, the host Revillame will also take the short break alongside with his show but assured that the program will return for its first anniversary celebration.

According to the statement, Revillame welcomes the brief vacation and is excited and busy preparing for the program’s anniversary which is slated on May 20, 2016 day after the election.

Short Break

The statement however did not linked the case that the host is currently facing to his and the show’s break.

It did explained however that the studio facilities will be temporarily utilized for election coverage encouraging the fans to expect bigger prizes, more fun games and excitement from Wowowin’s return.

Earlier, the CA defended the decision of the QC-RTC saying that there is abuse over the power in litigating Revillame for the child abuse case.

It was March 12, 2011 when the host let the 6-year-old boy dance in his former program to which the complainant referred to as “hindi akma sa edad ng bata” pointing out to how he let the boy dance.

Revillame earlier asked for the nullity of the case but was trashed by the court.

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