Queen Is Not Happy With Chinese Delegation


Queen Is Not Very Happy During The Chinese Delagation. Find Out Why

Queen, who has been caught having some not-so-good comments regarding the Chinese president’s visit, is making round online, and the very first time to hear about something like this- most especially from the Queen herself.

The Queen

There are many reason, why this was a hot topic today and valid reasons why the two countries have conflict with each other.

Instead of judging and taking sides, let’s analyze why the two of the great leaders in the world have something to be in conflict of.

The “very rude” comment by the Queen is much talked about now and here are some stereotypical differences between the Western and Asian countries (and you’l understand why at the end of this topic).

The study was conducted by the Soas China Institute in London, enumerating the reasons why these two leaders have “clashed”.

The Queen

  • There was an increase in Chinese people who travel to Europe, and one of it is the United Kingdom – 15 years ago. These lead Chinese people to be advised “not to spit” and “don’t make noises when eating”.
  • History of conflict is one of the major reasons. In 2010, China was visited by Prime Minister David Cameron, wearing a red poppy – this caused great tension to China. Why? the poppy is a symbol for humiliation during the opium wars, that happened in the 19th century between Britain and China.
  • Eating etiquette. For Chinese people, eating can be fun, and a lot of toasting, cheering, and movement are common to them. This caused a tension with the West, where it would be polite to eat quietly, and keep seated.
  • Talking loudly during performances or theater plays. In Western countries, talking loudly or chatting with an increased voice during shows is something not good. While in China, it’s something very normal.
  • Cultural misunderstandings. This could be the number one reason that came to the minds of the people upon hearing Queen Elizabeth’s comment that was made public. but according to Michael Hocks, of the Soas China Institute, “I think it was a diplomatic incident which prompted a very strong reaction from the Chinese delegation which the British delegation saw as rude.”


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