Loyal Dog Part Of Yearbook

Loyal Dog, Presley, Showed Her Loyalty To Seph Ware And She’s Part Of The Yearbook

Loyal Dog, named Presley, never leaves her boy, Seph Ware, iand accompanies him to school everyday.

Loyal dog

Seph Ware is 7th grade student at Good Hope Middle School in Louisiana.

He has Duchenne muscular dystrophy, wherein the muscles of the body are in a weak stage and it makes it very challenging for Seph.

But thankfully, he had Presley, an adorable golden retriever who loves him very much.

For four consecutive years, Presley assisted Seph during his school days and even at home, the two are inseparable since then.

Loyal dog


As Seph’s service dog, Presley’s been used to meeting people everyday and her best friend’s classmates get to love her as well!

So when it’s time for them to have yearbooks and photo shoot time, Presley definitely had a place in it, too!

The picture below shows Presley biting her leash too!

Loyal dog

It is always good to know that there are schools who allow pets to be part of their class, in order to extend some help to their students, and this is not the first time that administrators allow pets to be part of the yearbook.

Of course, this heroic deeds are recognized by us humans, and animals like Presley deserves this kind of recognition.

She may not be aware what impression she left to the school, and all she wants is to make Seph happy, secured, and always safe. That’s all, to serve unconditionally!

So how do you feel about this? Dogs are always our best friends and with enough train, love and food to eat, they’re always there for you, no matter what.

Also, give something your dog deserves to have, like this heart-warming story Presley and Seph.

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