Charcoal Beauty Secrets


Charcoal Is All That You Need To Keep You Beautiful Charcoal, according to recent studies, has amazing beauty secrets that other ingredients don not have. Find out why.   Skincare is always a vital part of our life and we do anything (and everything) just to keep our skin flawless and clean from head to … Read more

St. Joseph the Worker and May Day

St. Joseph

St. Joseph’s Feast Day Is Also the May Day St. Joseph the Worker, or widely known as Christ’s biological father, is one of the most admirable saints. St. Joseph the Worker’s  Feast day was established by Pope Pius XII in 1955. This was to coincide with International Labor Day or known as, “May Day”. Saint … Read more

Poland Has Upcoming Musical For St John Paul II


Poland has an upcoming musical set to create about the late pope’s life story, Saint John Paul II. Poland is one of the countries who are highly inspired by St. John Paul II, and locals are very much excited for the musical tribute entitled “Karol”. The musical group is bringing John Paul II into life through … Read more

Toby: Leonardo da Vinci’s Artist Fan


Toby, a nine-year old art student, dresses up like da Vinci, his inpiration. Toby was more than ready to for a school project where he poses proudly with his art materials arranged on the table – with his eye-catching beard and outfit, of course. At #MetKids, anyone who enjoys art and doing it are welcome … Read more

British Royal Family: Trivia You’re Interested To Know

British Royal family

British Royal Family Facts You Might Not Know Yet British Royal Family has been active in the social public where millions of people from all over the world admire them very much. But there some things you probably didn’t know yet, or you’ve mistakenly know right now. So here are the “lesser-known” facts about them: … Read more

Queen-Saints In History


Queen-Saints In History Queen-Saints. They were once queens who turned to be Saints! Here are six of them:   St. Helena –  a daughter of a household keeper, born 250 in Bithynia – now known as the Black Sea coast of Turkey. She was once a pagan but upon marrying Constantius Chlorus, a military officer … Read more

Behold, The World’s Most Dangerous Jellyfish You Don’t Want To Be Around

Irukandji jellyfish

Irukandji jellyfish, The World’s Most Dangerous Jellyfish Meet the Irukandji jellyfish, the proclaimed world’s most venomous and dangerous jellyfish. This jellyfish is really small in size but, being near it would be really dangerous. The Irukandji jellyfish can be found in the marine waters of Australia. They are known to deliver their stingers to their victims … Read more

Sneeze Them All Out


A single sneeze or three of it could actually help. How often do you sneeze? Were there times when you sneezed not just once but three times? Have you ever wondered on why at times sneezing must come in threes? Actually, truths be told that sneezing is as normal as breathing to asthmatic people and … Read more

Quokka – The Happiest Animal In The World


Quokka – Happiest Animal In The World Makes People Feel Positive Quokka is a friendly and curious by nature, living in some parts of Australia, they have attracted many residents and tourist making them most famous in the social media. Quokkas are herbivores, living off the coast of West Australia, through swamps and thickets. Mainly … Read more