INSPIRING: Former Drug Queen Evita Ebora’s House Turned Into Rehabilitation Center

House of Evita Ebora was turned into a rehab facility for its inspiring story.

INSPIRING – The three-storey house of Evita Ebora in Bulacan has been turned into a rehabilitation center that now caters its first 30 clients.

Dependency on drugs have always been taken as one of the greatest challenges that users should combat. Getting over that dependency is as life-changing as drugs has messed up the good life in stored for every person.

One inspiring personality that may no longer be familiar to today’s generation is Evita Ebora or Angelica Gallaron-Caspo in real life.

Photo lifted from Inquirer – CARMELA REYES-ESTROPE

Ebora has been linked to drugs in the 1990s but eventually tried to change her life and found the path to abandon it.

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